Suji Ki Mathri | Rava Mathri Recipe | सूजी मठरी

Suji ki Mathri | Khasta Mathri

Khasta Mathri recipe is a kind of flaky biscuit. It is a famous snack from northwest India and is also called Mathi, Swali, Nimki & Namkeen Shakkar Paare. It is a tea-time snack or is served with mango chilli or lemon pickle. It is a dry cell snack once you make it you can store it for long period in an airtight container at room temperature.

Sooji Mathi is the best snack to enjoy during travelling. Suji Ki Mathri is a combination of Rava suji, carom seeds ajwain, salt, and oil.

INGREDIENTS FOR Delicious Semolina Crispy Mathris |  सूजी की कुरकुरी मठरी





1.5 Tsp. SALT

WATER as required


Step 1:

Crunchy Suji Ki Mathri - V Cook

Mix semolina, wheat flour, carom seeds, salt in a bowl thoroughly.

Step 2:

Khasta Mathri Rava Masala - V Cook

Subsequently, add the oil and mix.

Step 3:

Crunchy Mathi Banane Ki Recipe - V Cook

See whether the mixture is binding properly. If it’s binding properly, it means that your Mathri will become soft and crispy.

Step 4:

Add sufficient water to make a semi-hard dough.

Step 5:

Rava Namkeen Mathi Recipe - V Cook

Continue kneading for 10 minutes so the dough becomes greasy.

Step 6:

Cover the dough with a wet cloth.

Step 7:

Keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Step 8:

Suji Namkeen Mathri Recipe - V Cook

Then knead the dough properly and divide it into two portions.

Step 9:

Yummy Sooji Ki Mathri | Evening Indian Snacks Recipe - V Cook

Roll the dough with a rolling pin to make a big round.

Step 10:

Cut in any shape you want with the help of Mathri/Cookie cutter without leaving gaps.

Step 11:

Crispy Nimki Recipe | Evening Tea Time Snack - V Cook

Prick them with the folk & place them on a plate in gaps in the opposite direction so that do not stick to each other.

Step 12:

Heat the oil on a high flame.

Step 13:

Namkeen Shakkar Paare Recipe - V Cook

Now, fry the Mathris at medium flame & flip them until they become golden brown.

Step 14:

Put the Mathris on tissue paper on a plate.

Your delicious and crispy Mathris are ready to eat. Enjoy them with a cup of tea. It’s the best snack for your small hunger.


Q1. What can be the alternative for Mathri/ cookie cutter?

You can make small rounds of it just like chapati & prick it with folk.

Q2. What else can be used instead of Suji?

You can also opt for all-purpose flour.

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